CUDA Sparse-Matrix / Conjugate Gradient

In our paper (Mickeal Verschoor & Andrei Jalba (2012). ‘Analysis and Performance Estimation of the Conjugate Gradient Method on multiple GPUs’ (Elsevier Journal of Parallel Computing)) we propose an efficient Block Compressed Sparse Row (BCSR) implementation for Sparse-Matrices processed on (multiple) GPUs using CUDA. Using the proposed layout we can perform a Sparse-Matrix Vector Multiplication (SPMV) …

Proxy-Based Haptic Rendering for Underactuated Haptic Devices

Daniel Lobo, Mine Sarac, Mickeal Verschoor, Massimiliano Solazzi, Antonio Frisoli, Miguel A. Otaduy Standard haptic rendering algorithms are not well suited for underactuated haptic devices. They compute forces oblivious of underactuation, and then they simply project the resulting forces to the actuated subspace. We propose instead a proxy-based haptic rendering method that computes displacements in the …

CUDA FEM based Elastically Deformable Models

Elastically deformable models Additional movie Mickeal Verschoor, Andrei C. Jalba: Elastically Deformable Models based on the Finite Element Method Accelerated on Graphics Hardware using CUDA, Journal of WSCG, Vol.20, No.3, pp.179-188, ISSN 1213-6972, Union Agency, 2012 Presentation at ’20th International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision 2012′ (WSCG2012)

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